100 Strangers

In this project, I am attempting to approach and photograph 100 strangers. I started this project I hope to improve my portrait photography, in addition to becoming more comfortable asking complete strangers to take their photos.

I have been blow away by all the cool people I have had the opportunity to meet through this project. On the bottom of this page I have included some notable experiences from this project.

Strangers Photographed so far: 32

100 Strangers Project Journal

(This part of the page is still in progress, I am adding more stories here as I remember them or dig them out of my notes!)

Stranger #29 had a very interesting jacket. She said it was from Guatemala, and that she thrifted it. I'm still not really sure as to whether she thrifted it in Guatemala or it was originally from Guatemala and she got it at a thrift shop somewhere outside of Guatemala.

Stranger #30 was happy that I asked before I took a photo of him and his unique beard. He said someone else came by and took a picture without asking and "it was pretty weird."

May 12, 2018

While continuing to shoot for the project, I decided that I would return to Union Square where I had taken some of my favorite portraits for this project about a year and a half earlier. I like taking portraits in Union Square because it is always very well populated for events such as the Farmers' Market or the Holiday Market. Additionally, Union Square is uniquely setup in a way that I can go through it in a loop and photograph new people that have arrived at the benches since the last time I was around.  

Today I was on my second lap around Union Square and after being distracted by some friendly squirrels, I noticed a familiar face when scanning the people on the benches. I made eye contact with a man I recognized as a stranger I had photographed when I first started the project. I proceeded to walk past him, unsure for a moment if he was in fact the same man I had met before.

I began to remember his kind and inquisitive demeanor, and I decided I had to go back and take his photograph again. I did not think that he would remember me, but I thought it would at least be interesting to have a photograph to follow up on the one I had taken of him previously. I was wrong, he did in fact remember me! He told me I looked much different than when he saw me before, asked me how my project was going, and shook my hand and introduced himself as John. Before I left he said to me that if I ever become famous, or if my work is in one of the museums "over there" (I'm not really entirely sure what area he was referring to), that I had better put up a photo of him in the gallery! 

Until we meet again, John.


November 26, 2016

May 12, 2018