A Newly Forsaken Abode

Most likely abandoned in 2013 when the owner filed for bankruptcy, this location is pretty much as good as it gets. With all the owner's possessions still there, from bank notes to dish soap to family photos, it looked like the place was abandoned quite abruptly. It was quite clear the property had already been discovered by vandals long before we arrived, as everything was ransacked, and graffiti covered the walls throughout the house. The house had an eerie feeling to it, with such a modern appearance, like it could have been inhabited yesterday. While we heard no footsteps, or anything that one would consider supernatural activity, this location was still very creepy nonetheless. 

Unfortunately I cannot disclose the location of this site, or any more of the information I collected on the property's previous ownership. This is not to be selfish, but to preserve this beautiful site so it doesn't become further vandalized.